Arawen Lias

Commander of the Aliach Naim military forces.


A human woman in her late thirties, with wavy blonde hair that she keeps in a bun while on duty. She stands 5’7" with an average build and light brown eyes, and wears the standard-issue breastplate and tunic uniform issued to all Aliach Naim troops. She refuses to use the cape that is traditionally worn by officers in the city’s forces, preferring to maintain freedom of movement at all times, but her rank is still easily identified like any soldier’s by the colour of her tunic.


Arawen Lias has been the presiding commander of Aliach Naim’s military forces for eight years. As a skilled fighter and capable leader, she has earned the trust and respect of all those under her command, one way or another; those who object or disobey are quickly reminded that her word is law, and with good reason.

Arawen Lias

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